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Commissioning a sculpture is an exciting and very personal experience. It is critical that you be involved in the entire process! I want to spend time with you to hear your story and learn what you hope to capture.

Here is an overview of how the commission process works:

  • Initial Meeting/Call
    After you contact me via the form below, we will either schedule a video or phone call to define the scope of the sculpture commission.

    I want to learn the story behind the piece, so we can create a narrative from which your artwork will come alive. If you already have a specific placement for the sculpture in mind, please make sure to have some photos of the space ready to share.

    The placement of the finished piece is equally important as the sculpture itself. I want to know where your piece will be placed and how you would like it featured. If you are unsure, we can work through this together. We will walk through design considerations such as lighting, elevation, and background to highlight your sculpture as you envision it. My goal is to make your sculpture and the experience you have with me simply — exceptional.

    Based on our discussion and your budget, we will be able to define the overall design, size, material, and final finishing of the sculpture.


  • Proposal
    A few days after our initial meeting, I will send you a proposal for the sculpture commission. The proposal will include some sketches of the sculpture, along with some sample photos that will give you a better idea regarding the overall style and color of the finished work of art.

    The proposal will also include a detailed cost estimate, as well as a timeline for the project.


  • Agreement and Deposit
    After your approval of the proposal, I will email you a contract outlining the details we’ve discussed and the timeline for completion. I will also include an invoice for half of your total payment. Once the paperwork is signed and upon receiving the first payment, I will be able to start working on creating your sculpture.


  • Creative Process
    At various points in the sculpting process, I will invite you into the studio (or video calls if you prefer) to provide feedback and collaborate on details, including patina and finish as well as sending photos throughout the different stages.


  • Completion
    Once the clay sculpture is finished and ready to be cast, I will email you additional photos of the work or you may come for another in-studio visit.
    Upon your approval, a mold of the work will be made, so it can be cast in the material specified in the contract.

    At this point, the final payment is due, and shipping arrangements will be made.

I looking forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to collaborate on creating a unique work of art.

Commission Request Form