Cast bronze, mounted on black marble, 22” × 19” × 6”.
Limited edition of 25.

Who doesn’t love the story of The Nutcracker ballet? The inspiration for Clara comes from one of my earliest and fondest childhood memories.


Cast bronze, mounted on black marble, 41” × 19” × 6”. Limited edition of 25.

“You were once wild – don’t let them tame you.”
— Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan was the inspiration for creating this sculpture. Her unconventional life and propensity for personal freedom and expression stand as a tribute to women everywhere.


Cast bronze, mounted on black marble, 20” × 11” × 6”. Limited edition of 25 pieces.

Ophelia expresses the epitome of “joie de vivre”. This joy translates into a philosophy of life encompassing the whole person — body, soul and mind. Ophelia finds her joie de vivre in the expression of dance and the passion it gives her. Ophelia was created with the same spirit of joy!

The Gift

Cast bronze, mounted on black marble, 28” × 23” × 10”. Limited edition of 25.

It is Christmas Eve; Clara is beside herself with anticipation! It is her family’s annual Christmas party. The tree is beautifully decorated, music is playing, and the table is laden with every imaginable holiday treat. The air is alive with excitement as the guests begin to arrive. As the evening progresses Godfather Drosselmeyer arrives with gifts for Clara and her brother Fritz. Drosselmeyer presents Clara with a beautiful nutcracker, she is ecstatic as she dances around the room with her beloved toy. Clara represents the irrepressible joy of childhood wonderment and Godfather Drosselmeyer experiences his own joy as he watches her revel in delight!