Cast bronze, 26” × 11” × 10”.
Limited edition of 25.

Jade is an exciting addition to my modern fashion sculpture collection. I wanted to sculpt a piece that was both modern and diverse. Jade, a gorgeous Asian woman is sensuous, captivating and down-right delectable. She is featured in a fitted deep V-neckline dress and­­­ faux fur stole. Her tantalizing pose highlights her body hugging dress which showcases her alluring figure. She is featured wearing Wren and Roch’s leather cuff, “Seeing Spots”. Her ankle-wrapped gladiator sandals add to the piece’s sensuousness. Jade’s come-hither expression is sultry and pulls you in. It makes you to want to know what she’s thinking.

Carry Your Courage

Cast bronze, 26” × 30” × 11”.
Limited edition of 25.

Delilah is utterly alluring in her mini bandage dress and sexy ankle wrap stiletto sandals. She is featured wearing designer Wren and Roch’s edgy leather cuff, “Tan Hide” and is carrying their very elegant “Ray of Moonlight” bag. Delilah not only has great style and panache, she is also supremely confident and self-assured. Clearly, you have to be in order to walk a cheetah!

Fly Girl

Cold Cast Bronze, 27” × 16” × 11”
Limited edition of 12

“Fly Girl” is a tribute to the early icons of women’s aviation. Women who dared to jump into ramshackled open-air cockpit of single propeller planes in order to realize their dreams of flying. Airracing, barnstorming, stunt flying, all the while braving the way for other women to follow unconventional paths.

Silver Wings

Cast Bronze, 21″ x 13″ x 9″
Limited edition of 12.

What drives someone to climb into the cockpit of a flying death trap to test dangerous aircraft that most men were afraid to fly? What drives someone to rebel against social convention and gender roles to risk their life for two thirds of the pay of their male counterparts?