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Chesty Puller

Cast bronze mounted on hardwood base, 12” x 7” x 6”.

The quintessential Marine’s Marine. The most decorated Marine in American history. This piece is a tribute to the man and the legend.

Elizebeth Smith Friedman

Cast Bronze 26” 14” x 12”.

America’s first female codebreaker.  Her coat features over 2,400 embossed characters forming words describing her extraordinary life and accomplishments.  All of the words have been encrypted, requiring the viewer to study the piece in order to uncover Elizabeth’s life story.

During her lifetime, Elizebeth received very little recognition for her heroic contributions to national security. The time has come to honor her with this sculpture.

Fly Girl

Marble Resin, 27” × 16” × 11”
Limited edition of 150

Marble Resin, 15” x 8” x 5”
Limited edition of 500

“Fly Girl” is a tribute to the early icons of women’s aviation. Women who dared to jump into ramshackled open-air cockpit of single propeller planes in order to realize their dreams of flying. Airracing, barnstorming, stunt flying, all the while braving the way for other women to follow unconventional paths.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Cast bronze, mounted on black marble, 26” x 19” x 12”.

32nd President of the United States. This life-size piece was a commissioned by Norfolk Southern Cooperation and was installed in March of 2015 on the Marco Polo, FDR’s presidential train which is permanently assigned to Track no. 7 at Union Station, Washington D.C.

Silver Wings

Cast Bronze, 21″ x 13″ x 9″
Limited edition of 25.

What drives someone to climb into the cockpit of a flying death trap to test dangerous aircraft that most men were afraid to fly? What drives someone to rebel against social convention and gender roles to risk their life for two thirds of the pay of their male counterparts?

Virginia Hall

Cast Bronze, life size, 23” x 18” x “12.

Known by the Gestapo as “the most dangerous of Allied spies”, this formidable “limping lady” and “woman of no importance” was unknown by her real name: Virginia Hall.